Solar water pumping solution.

Solar water pumps are often used in remote areas where the cost of running traditional AC powered water pumping is cost prohibitive or you just want to provide water to an off-grid home. Solar water pumping systems are also used to pump water for livestock and crop irrigation in remote locations.

Possible configurations:
1. PV array, DC/AC inverter, AC water pump- this is the most effective solution and ideal for deep wells/ boreholes and high capacity pumps.
2. PV array, Solar controller, DC water pump- this is recommended for shallow wells where the pump is of small capacity and distance between the panels-controller-DC pump is short.
Components of SWP system.
The quality and overall performance of the solution will depend on the quality and reliability of all components making the solution. The overall performance will be determined by the weakest point of the solution. It is recommended that the customer buys first quality systems and equipment for a reliable solution.
DELTA Energy Systems supplies the following for the SWP solution.
1. Solar panels/ modules- first quality mono & Poly crystalline with the highest efficiency,
2. Solar water pumping inverter- this is a special inverter which pumps water with as little as visible light. This makes it possible to achieve 12hours pumping time,
3. Pumps- we have cooperated with leading manufacturers for us to give first quality solutions to our customers,
4. Solar controllers- made in Europe with highest precision on reliability.
Solar Water Pumping Solution Dimensioning,
We use the latest software to build SWP solution. The variables looked at are water demand per day, depth of the well, height of reservoir tank, site location, site topography and any other necessary variable. We have a dedicated team for developing the solutions, installing and supporting the solar water pumping solutions.

HOBERTEK Solar Water Pumping Controller/ Inverter.
Key differentiating factors
• It is hybrid. It accommodates both Solar and electrical input but internally programmed with solar as the main input. If your pump consumes 2kw, at 7am when solar is producing 800watts, then the grid will power 1200watts saving 800watts power. The grid power will keep reducing as solar irradiance increases. Meaning at 9am the solar will be powering 100%.
• Soft starting- this means the pumping speed starts slowly and increases with increase in solar irradiance. This means there is no inrush currents and the power frequency to the pump is maintained at the pump manufacturer specifications. This ensures long life of the pump.
• Integrate-able with batteries- this is an option the customer can consider for a complete hybrid site where the customer may need pumping to be done at night when there is no solar light.
• It is fairly priced and very negligible operating expenditure. This means the TCO is very low.
• Installation, integration, maintenance and Local support services are locally available.
• The parts warranty is 24months against manufacturer defects. The AMC with local service centre ensures optimal equipment performance and equipment long life.

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