Why buy batteries from DELTA Energy Systems (K) Ltd (DESK), the world of batteries?
• Battery testing and analysis at DELTA Service Center- on the request, the batteries can be tested and test report produced to the customers for the tested batteries.
• Technical product knowledge- DESK has invested in staff training to equip them with in-depth knowledge on the batteries. This makes our technical team to be consultants to our customers,
• Customer Training- DESK has been conducting local and international training on batteries in conjunction with the battery manufacturers. DESK also organizes customer battery factory visits time to time.
• Quality and right choice of product based on application- DESK has partnered with leading high quality battery manufacturers and has always helped customers to choose the right batteries for the applications,
• DESK provides basic training on installation and maintenance to the battery installers.
The range of Batteries distributed by DESK in the region include:
• Telecom batteries,
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)/ Inverter batteries,
• Industrial batteries for industrial UPS.
• Solar batteries

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The Solar Batteries


The Telecom batteries


The UPS/ Inverter batteries

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