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ESISPOWER (EUROPE) Digital Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/ Regulator,

The required output is set equal to the standard grid 230VAC or 240VAC for East Africa voltage levels. The input deviation is managed by the AVR to ensure stable output and electrical/ electronic appliances safety. Modern Smart AVRs are integrated with building management systems for smart buildings.

Types available:

  1. Digital Servo Automatic voltage Stabilizer- with microprocessor controller for precision response of the actuators and accuracy in stabilizing power. This type is robust and ideal for industrial application and for central power stabilizing at the power incomer point. Input voltage range: 3PH+N 415 VAC/240vac +15%/-20%, equipped with integrated inbuilt Surge protection unit, Digital LED Display unit, sliding wheels and High sensitive actuators
  2. Static Automatic voltage stabilizer- with microprocessor, purely electronic and ideal for datacenters and protecting very sensitive electronic equipment.

This is basically the AC Power Conditioner. The Automatic Voltage Stabilizer or Regulator s designed to correct power quality problems like brownouts (when large factories machines are staring), surge/ Spikes when clouds are discharging electrons during lightening or after long power blackout, over-voltage when large machines in the environs are switched off, sags, voltage imbalance, unbalanced current, line noise etc. in the main power supply. The Stabilizer or regulator features voltage regulation, isolation, transient suppression, surge protection, or any combination of these in a one-box solution.

Independent line regulation diagram




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