Delta Energy Systems Ltd

Delta Energy Systems (K) ltd, (DESK LTD), has been operational in Kenya since inception in 2009. It has in the recent years grown to be one of the leading distributors and integrators of the most reliable power systems and solutions including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for Mission Critical Applications, Power Stabilizers & regulators, rectifiers, inverters, Solar Solutions, Electrical contracting, generators, Power Management, Power systems optimization and other associated power solutions, not only in Kenya but also in broad East and central Africa.

Today, Delta energy systems offers you  solutions  that comes from innovations  pioneered by engineering concepts  and  our partners top brands that  accommodate the most diverse requirements. 

With regional presence in East and Central Africa, we ensure  you stay served in timely manner. We never lose sight of our responsibility to make you number 1

All  these in top quality,is what Delta Energy Systems (K) Ltd  is all about.

To be a leading contributor in our region for provision of Innovative, Environmentally friendly Power Solutions and Management for the good of the present and future generations.

DESK Ltd mission is to provide clean, reliable, most efficient and cost effective power solutions for sustained growth and development in the region.

We operate through backward integration of solutions. This is achieved by listening to the customer needs and designing solutions which are addressing specific customer needs. This ensures that the customer gets the highest value and enhanced satisfaction.