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Power Management – Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel

Highly compact and reliable power distribution solution for small datacenters

Delta?s rack-mount Remote Power Panel (rRPP) is an ideal power distribution solution to small data center up to 80 kVA. Composed of a 4U cabinet, the rRPP can be perfectly integrated with standard server racks and results in saving valuable data center space. For high requirement of data center reliability, it also provides excellent branch protection and branch monitoring functions. The rRPP is a superior solution of power distribution management and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your small data center.

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Features & Benefits
High Flexibility

Provides three different rated power levels, 30 kVA, 50 kVA and 80 kVA, for your selection
The highly scalable design allows installation of at maximum six hot-swappable breaker modules (optional), which means that it can connect at maximum 18 branches
Various accessories are available for options such as TVSS module, main input breaker and SNMP IPv6 card
High Reliability

Detects any hot-swappable breaker module?s branch current
Provides abnormal voltage and phase-lack alarms
Provides system and each branch?s current monitoring and alarm functions
Intelligently judges the specifications of each hot-swappable breaker module installed
Smartly monitors whether each latch is closed or open, each branch?s status and the optional main input breaker?s status
Provides REPO function

User-friendly 4.9-inch LCD interface
Built-in RS-232 port and smart slot allow remote monitoring
Records at a maximum 2000 event logs
Provides 6 sets of output dry contacts


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