Ultron (> 10 kVA) – NT Series 20-500 kVA

Ultron (> 10 kVA) – NT Series 20-500 kVA

Enterprise power customized for greatest reliability

Designed for operations in the harshest of environmental conditions, the Ultron NT Series UPS is an industrial UPS system offering proven reliability and flexibility to secure electrical power supplies in critical applications.

The three phase UPS featuring customized I/P-O/P ratings brings best-in-class technology, a long product lifetime (minimal servicing), N+X parallel operations for increased redundancy deployment, and a broad range of available power ratings.

The Ultron NT Series UPS lets you effectively respond to increasing demands placed on infrastructure in commercial and industrial facilities by offering N+1 functionality. Efficiency is a key feature with 93% system efficiency at full load and continuing to 25% load.

In an era where big data is dominant, increased power protection requires a solution with unmatched power performance. The Ultron NT Series UPS system fulfills your uninterruptible power requirements.

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Features & Benefits
Available from 20 to 4,000 kVA (8 x 500 kVA in parallel).
Parallel redundancy without requiring extra hardware to increase reliability.
Optional harmonic filter and 12-pulse rectifier.
Redundant auxiliary power and control circuit ensures higher reliability.
Inbuilt maintenance and static bypass switch.
Multi-language LCD display and LED status indicators.
RS232, RS485 and six programmable dry contact outputs.
Compatible with generator installation and unbalanced loads.
Optional external battery cabinet for longer backup time.
Parallel expansion as your business grows and consequently saves initial investment.
Wide input voltage range extends battery lifetime.
Economy mode saves energy and operating cost.
Common battery installation saves initial investment.


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