Delta UPS Solutions in Kenya

We offer a variety of UPS options for the protection of your valuable appliances from the impurities in power supply.

These are:

a. Line Interactive UPSes from 600VA, 1 kVA and 1.5 kVA

b. True Online double conversion 1 kVA to 10 kVA single-phase systems with upto 20 kVA for two systems in parallel

c. True Online double conversion 10 kVA to 20 kVA three-phase-in, single-phase-out systems and up to 80 kVA for four units in parallel.

d. True Online double conversion 15 kVA to 4,000 kVA three-phase-in, three-phase-out systems

e. Industrial UPS systems

Unique features of our UPS system offerings include super high efficiency and power factor parameters with possibilities to offer extended power backup. Our offer includes a free comprehensive and friendly power management software with the ability to relay emails and SMS on power events. Other features include the ability to parallel four to eight systems without extra hardware and furthermore, our service center to offer the much needed support services.